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Frederick Dean

1801 Frederick Road
Opelika, AL 36801

Joseph Dean
334-745-4667 or

Terry Harris

Rhett Barnes

About Us

We will offer leadership that provides a clear vision of the future for all our employees. We expect our people to maximize their potential, strive to perform to their highest level, and always keep the interest of the families first and foremost.

We will provide a safe, productive work environment in which each person will be treated as an individual with fairness, dignity and respect. We will establish clear performance objectives for each person and will recognize and reward creativity, individual initiative and superior achievement. We believe that teamwork and cooperation is essential for our future.

To The Families

Our first responsibility is meeting the needs of the families we serve. We pledge to provide the highest quality of care and service, with the finest facilities and products, all at a fair price. We believe that the families' satisfaction determines our future.

To Society

Frederick Dean does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, national origin or disability as it relates to the families we serve and to our employees. We pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards and obey all laws and regulations. We also pledge to be ever sensitive to the changing needs of our communities, always providing dignified service to anyone regardless of their financial ability.